Text added in, along with adjustments :)

Hello everyone, I had been a bit busy as of late, hence the delay in working on the updates :p

I've added in some text so that players can understand the objective of the game better, as well as understand what to do when face with each obstacle.

Other than that, I've included a description of the controls below the game window, cleaned up the text for all 4 parts of the Credits list, set the jumping sound effect to occur whenever ColourMapster leaps into the air as compared to each time the player presses the jump button, removed the knockback induced from colliding with every creature except the giant ones near the end of the game, moved some of the signboards around a bit, and made the moving platforms/planks a little faster :)

While making a game for an Itch.io online game jam called 'My First Game Jam: Winter 2018' (Mini Ball & Chain), I realised that ColourMapster's healing gesture does not get mirrored when the character looks to the left; despite the programming I made for the Mini Ball & Chain game (which took most of one day to fix), the same method does not work on ColourMapster. More tinkering about is needed to sort this one out :p

I have started working on the movement animations after accidentally discovering a trick to flip the player sprite while keeping a copy of ColourMapster's face not flipped. This will take a while to do, along with the redesign of the game level, so stay tuned :)


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Feb 02, 2018

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