Hi all, some edits made to the main character :)

Hi everyone, as I had been tinkering with the game up until I started my internship near the end of March, I hadn't been able to put up a new version. Anyhow, alongside the rolling animations that I had put in, I have also fixed a major visual bug that occurs once you start over after losing all your health (your health bar wouldn't have the green colour due to it having been set to a Global setting), and have successfully managed to trigger the 'Tired' animation once your health is below 15 points. Other than that, I have put in an option to restart the game once you reach the 'Game Over' screen.

The 'Rolling' animations, however, stop working once you've healed the first mini-boss, and the character starts exhibiting a visual glitch with jumping from that point onward. More testing will be done to solve this problem, but until then, have fun with the game! :)


ColourMapter & the Tomes of Life 1.5.zip Play in browser
Jul 15, 2018

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