Mini Ball & Chain


Left & Right arrow buttons for movement
Up arrow or Z button for jumping
X button to use the Ball & Chain move

A short game in which you fight 3 angry Ziggs that are threatening the peace on an island, made in time for the 'My First Game Jam: Winter 2018'.

The assets and engine I have used
I created the player and enemy sprites, and worked on the level design as well as the mechanics for both the main character and the Ziggs.

This game was made using Construct 2, a visual scripting software similar in vein to Stencyl.

I have used background tiles from, while the sound effects have been sourced from and

Art assets

Background music, sound assets


1) Click on the bottom right corner of the game screen to maximise the view.

2) Press Enter, Space, or click on the Start button to start the game.

3) If you reach the 'Game Over' screen, refresh the browser to try again.

Enjoy :)

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