A friendly alien that visit other planets to learn about the knowledge and culture of each planet's inhabitants, ColourMapster has recently landed on Earth. However, in order to proceed, it has to find 5 tomes scattered throughout a cave, each of which can be found after traversing a puzzle-obstacle course.

These 5 tomes embody the qualities of life that ColourMapster would need in order to survive travelling around a world filled with people and creatures who don't always share the same worldview of non-violence and acceptance as does ColourMapster.

This game was made as part of the Level Up Apprentice Programme 2017 which was managed by KDU University College and MDEC from September to early December 2017.


Platform       : Windows PC

Engine            : Construct 2 (visual scripting software)

Duration       : 3 months

Completion : December 2017

Team Size     : 1 person

Role                 : Designer, Programmer

I worked on the level design as well as the mechanics for both the main character and the other creatures living within the cave.

I have used art assets from OpenGameArt.org and other sources, while the sound effect and background music have been sourced from OpenGameArt.org, SpritersResource.com and Fantasy Musica. I'm currently preparing a Credits List that acknowledges all the people whose assets and guidance had been critical to the creation of this game.

Install instructions

1. Download the file.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Run the 'ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life' application file.

4. Maximise the screen's size for a clear & pleasant gameplay :)


ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life (win64).zip 72 MB
ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life (win32).zip 62 MB
ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life (linux64).zip 74 MB
ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life (linux32).zip 77 MB
ColourMapster & the Tomes of Life (osx64).zip 81 MB

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