Updates made to the game for the past one week :)

Hi everyone, here are some updates on what I’ve been doing for the game this week:

- cloned the only door in the game, made duplicates of the clone, and gave each duplicate (& the clone) their own unique instance
variables, so that CM collides with one of them, only that door will open :)

- started adding in the tiles and background scenery for the game on Monday

- sorted out how to stop the game music in the last area, switch to the Ending screen & then play different background song

- added in more sign posts that explain how to overcome the obstacles, and avoid getting hit by the creatures

- resolved the longstanding issue of the health bar extending beyond it’s limits in both directions, as well as stopped the background music of the game from playing in the background in the ending screen

- resolved an error with one of the giant creature's health bar not working properly

- went for my consultation with Mr Hilmy on Thursday, and while he was playing through it, I found some rooms that needed fixing in terms of
the background and placement of sprites.

He gave me some suggestions on how to improve on the game, such as pushing the ceiling up in one of the room with boulders, have CM
collect the Tome of Compassion and then activate the Heal action (followed by a room which requires the use of this technique, before
facing off with the giant creatures), have CM start out in black and white, and slowly add in colours based on the tomes collected.

- set up an Itch.io page for the game, and started adding in Dev Logs (copied from this thread itself) so that I can add my Itch.io profile
to my business card, and have the 100 cards printed out on Monday afternoon/evening for RM31.90, or something close to that figure

You would not believe the amount of headache I put myself through to even get started on this, especially since I had learnt quite a bit about
the websites that help you build your own websites so to speak, such as Weebly, Wix and WordPress XD

Anyhow, here are some screenshots from the game :)

CM’s spaceship, the StarFish
CM's spaceship, the StarFish by Hobcramwork

A number of new things added into the game :)
A number of new things added into the game :) by Hobcramwork

I've added in tiles and background art, a sign post depicting the moving beams, the text box that appears after collecting the first tome, and
the left, right and top detection sprites that trigger knockback when ColourMapster gets hit or collides with other creatures

Cave music sprite and spider sign post
Cave music sprite and spider sign post by Hobcramwork

Here's a sprite on the far left that triggers the cave music as soon as CM walks through it, as well as sign post showing you how to avoid the

Fly sign post
Fly sign post by Hobcramwork

The sign post you see just behind CM indicates that it's Stamina  regenerates over time, while the sign post beyond the door tells you how
the fly moves around and how to avoid it

Piranha sign post, water sprite and background art
Piranha sign post, water sprite and background art by Hobcramwork

In this screenshot, the sign post below CM shows you how to get on top  of the moving platform, and avoid the piranha's sharp teeth. I had also
added in a sprite to depict the water's surface, as well as the background colour for that body of water

Lines and boundaries on the beam door(s)
Lines and boundaries on the beam door(s) by Hobcramwork

I had added in some lines to the beam doors in order to depict how old it is, with mixed results :s

Spiky creature’s sign post
Spiky creature's sign post by Hobcramwork

This sign post depicts how the spiky creature normally interacts with  anything that gets too close: it fires spikes from both sides of it's
body. My drawing of the creature on the sign post makes it look like it has tentacles instead of spikes :s

Lighting Button sign post
Lighting Button sign post by Hobcramwork

This sign post gives you a hint on how to open the Solid Wall sprite on your right based on the buttons that light up periodically.

Pattern on Solid Walls, and some fixing to do
Pattern on Solid Walls, and some fixing to do by Hobcramwork

Here is a clearer picture of the patterns on the Solid Walls, while on the other hand, some size adjustments are needed for the Walls :s

Updated heal sign post
Updated heal sign post by Hobcramwork

This heal action sign post has been updated with some colours and an additional button for the heal action

Main Objective sign post (this has been around for some time, but I had decided to share it from today :) )

Main Objective sign post by Hobcramwork

The sign post on the left is meant to encapsulate the whole point of CM moving about in the caves :)

New design on floating steps
New design on floating steps by Hobcramwork

Just like I added lines for the beam doors and solid wall sprites, I did the same for these floating steps for both giant creatures in the game

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