Flinching/knockback mechanic added in ;)

Hi guys, I had made some progress last week by adding in a 'flinching' mechanism to ColourMapster that is similar to Megaman flying backwards after getting hit. This feature is especially useful in escaping from being pinned down by boulders from above, though it only moves CM to the left; tough luck if the boulder hits you from your left :p:p

Anyhow, I've paced out the game so that players aren't overwhelmed by going through all the levels at once, as per my consultations with Mr
Hilmy 2 weeks back and Aaron Parang Lim, a fellow Level Up Apprentice. You'll be introduced to a simple version of each obstacle (and creature) first, followed by the original obstacle pattern.

Also, big news: everyone from the Level Up Apprentice Programme has been invited to showcase their game at KDU's upcoming Jingle Mingle event, which is normally reserved for KDU students from the Game Development degree course. Students in their final semester set up the project they've been working on for the public to try out, while potential employers will drop by to have a look and pick out potential candidates for internships or even employment :biggrin

Other than that, there's some documentation to prepare before the main event itself, so I'll be working on the game and documentation (Game Design Document, business cards etc) at around the same time :):)

Besides all of the above, the Apprentices will be publishing our games within the next 1-2 weeks on several platforms (mine is far from being
ready XD), so I'll be sure to include the links in a separate thread for you guys :thumbsup

I've booked another consultation with Mr Hilmy later this week, so we'll see how it goes :biggrin

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