Oh no, too many long posts! :o

Goodness me, I write one too many lengthy posts :eek . I'll be editing them all soon enough :biggrin

Anyhow, here is my update for this week thus far:

Monday afternoon-night 13 November 2017

- experimented with some background music, one of which got a bit jarring after repeat testing of the boulder mechanics (still
experimenting with the music)

- boulder sprites added onto the ceiling rock sprites (coding changed in order to prevent all such sprites from vibrating when CM's presence is
detected, and noticeable angular sine movement and sound effects have been added in to warn players when to stop moving), and additional
boulder sprites added in all over the ceiling on the first floor to disguise the loose ones, effectively keeping players on their toes (might add in 3-4 different coloured boulders to keep players guessing even more XD)

- modified the Jump strength of the Spiders so that they jump higher now; their behaviour whenever they jump and land is still erratic, so watch out! :o (need to check on them a few more times)

Last night, Tuesday 14 November 2017

- added in a simple Menu screen (will post up the screenshot tomorrow in this post)

- prepared and tested the puzzle on the 4th floor, and modified the coding for the blinking wall buttons so that players will know which
buttons to push blocks onto

- removed the Solid collision box floating just before the Giant Wasp so that players can’t stay in one spot and be able to heal the Giant Wasp
without getting hurt

Items on the to-do list

- add in the Ending screen once completed (it hasn't been made yet)

- make a separate copy of the game's .capx file to use in making the vertical slice demo (Menu + Level + Thank You; flies and spiders only,
along with the boulders XD)

- look for speech/dream bubble sprites (! when encountering first boulder, :o when waking up for first time at beginning-Stamina less than
25 rather than 10, :(:(  for when you first encounter both giant creatures in pain)

- add in background tiles for whole game

- find out how to make the main character ‘flinch’ and move backwards a bit after getting hit by the boulders or creatures?

- summarise some of our long posts

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