Compiled updates until 9 November 2017

Updates until Friday 3 November 2017

- added sound effects to CM (positive achievement when collecting Tomes, with the Tome objects set to 'Destroy' so that the same sound doesn't keep playing whenever you move about in the same spot where it was first spawned; jumping; hurt; Heal action)

- added a damage sound effect to the Giant Wasp that activates when CM is healing it (removed because it sounded more like I was hurting it each time CM heals it), and added the background music too (it wasn't working at first, then I changed the coding and voila!; might change it to a different set in order to suit the cave atmosphere better)

- changed the movements of the first giant creature so that it moved faster over a wider range of movement

- reduced the size of the collision box for the giant wasp's stinger

- made the boulders slightly visible (as opposed to being hidden completely) on the first floor in order to reward players for their skill (they were visible prior to the playtests on the same day)

- increased the Gravity attribute and decreased the Acceleration and Deceleration attributes for CM's Player Mask's Platform behaviour to reduce it's skidding after making running jumps (I had tried the same to CM's own attributes in the Platform behaviour prior, with no visible changes; this is the part that needs modification following Benny's feedback)

- increased the Jump strength attribute for CM's Player Mask's Platform behaviour as CM was facing difficulty in jumping up to the normal steps all over the game level

Also, I had attended a workshop on Game Design on Monday the 6th (which was helpful; will need time to look through it again to apply the lessons learnt towards the ColourMapster game), as well as attended talks during the Level Up KL 2017 Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 7th and 8th of November respectively on Game Design, Emerging Game Trends, Emerging Game Markets, Concept Art, Environmental Art and so on (hence the delay in posting up this message).

Updates since Thursday 9 November 2017

- I came upon a brainwave in the morning, either before I drove off to Co-Labs, Glenmarie (the place that I go to to work on my game) or while I was driving, to add some blocks to the 4th floor in order to make the Slid Wall sprites behave as intended (though the idea of moving them onto the Memory Buttons in order is something else to achieve at a later time, or not at all).

- Also, I switched around some coding so that CM can move around once some stamina is recovered, instead of waiting another 6 seconds in order to move despite collisions having been enabled prior.

- I encountered an unintended side effect after adding blocks to the 4th floor (CM being able to pull the blocks despite being unable to move), I had added in some coding to disable the Platform behaviour of the blocks when CM's Stamina is below 10 points (without the Platform and Solid behaviour, you wouldn't be able to move the blocks around :p).

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