Feedback from 3 fellow interns, and screenshots of the game

Hi guys, after letting 3 friends from the same programme playtest the game on Monday, this was their feedback:

- placement of the creatures needs to make sense, in terms of being more purposeful (has to have a specific reason for being there: to get in your way, or to help you know where the boulders are going to fall from?), as well as less stress-inducing to get through XD (speed of the spiders has been made more varied)

- make the first, second and third floor easier to get through by moving the sprites around

- ColourMapster tends to slide forward, as if by momentum, after making a 'running' leap (this has since been fixed by adding more gravity and reducing the deceleration of the character's Player Mask)

- make it easier for the player to get the tomes at the end of each floor no matter what they do (they're currently not hard to reach, even before the feedback :D)

- move the creatures around on the 4th floor (memory sequence) so that you can jump onto the buttons without getting hit (done)

- change the coding of the 'invisible steps' in a certain way so that they reappear after healing both the giant wasp and spider, thanks to a fellow intern's suggestion (I had thought of the solution prior to Monday, but forgot :p) (done)

Here are some of the pictures of the results (the rest have been added in to the previous posts):

Giant Wasp and the Heal action


The steps that reappear


The exit door, and a bug with the Stamina bar (it's back to not working as it it's supposed to :(:( )


The main takeaway from the consultation with Mr Hilmy, which took less than 20 minutes, is that the 5 floors of the game are just game concepts with mechanics that need fine-tuning and an absence of a game loop (menu -> game -> congratulations on finishing the game), so he
suggested that I make a vertical slice of it (meaning: a one level demo, with 2 creatures and the giant wasp, along with one of the tomes to
collect before exiting) and add in the level graphics, menu and game ending.

I am currently thinking of how to make this vertical slice, and an interesting one at that :writing

Also, I managed to get the buttons on the wall (4th floor) to light up after I had a brainwave on Monday afternoon:

Lighting Up effects


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