Name of the game changed a few times until now

Hi everyone, as it turns out, the lecturer whom I wanted to consult (& was awaiting a reply on when to see him) was in Australia at the
time (on Thursday), so I then consulted Mr I-Van Yee himself on Friday, and he was impressed by how much I had improved over the past 2 months, so hooray for me :thumbsup

He advised me to set the life bars for the 2 giant creatures so that they appear in the HUD, which I'll sort out over the next few days.
Anyhow, after that, I was kept busy by a conference I was helping out with, and was pleasantly surprised when Mr Hilmy (the lecturer I had
wanted to consult, who was in Australia on Thursday) had asked if I could meet with him on Monday evening at 6.30pm :o . I'll be asking my
friends from the same programme to test out my game and give me their feedback tomorrow morning, and work on the game for as long a I can until the meeting :biggrin

By the way, seeing as I hadn't mentioned it here before, I had changed the name of the game from 'ColourMapster & The Quest for the 5
Tomes' to 'ColourMapster & The Tomes of Humanity', and then finally to 'ColourMapster & The Tomes of Life', seeing as the puzzles I had
in mind for the game were more of a reflection of the values needed to survive and or thrive in life, as compared to the defining qualities of
humanity, since ColourMapster seeks to interact with, or at least observe, all forms of life on Earth :):)

Continuing from where I left off, I managed to set CM's stamina to properly regenerate when it is below 25 points (previously it wouldn't
regenerate if it was below 25 points, and all because I had combined conditions involving CM's stamina AND it's direction, which gave me a
chuckle once I realised my silly error XD), AND the stamina has been set to invisible when it's below 0 points, up until CM starts recovering
it's stamina.

Also, the spiders had stopped skittering for some time, so I worked out that my having set their animation speed to 0 per frame was
the reason for only 1 frame being played all the time DX.

Other than  that, I had reset the health of both giant creatures to start from 1, and full health for both was capped at 20 points, since I didn't want their health bars to stretch across the entire screen (I might have to edit CM's stamina as well to about 50 or 60, just to make it fair for
all the other creatures that hurt CM upon contact :p:p).

Anyhow, tomorrow is the day I start looking into viable sound effects to incorporate into the game, both for CM's interactions with the world as well as warning signals for the first floor, and editing the control signboards so that they can be slotted into the game proper.

Also, I realised that aside from changing up the movements of the some of the flying creatures to be more erratic (in addition to the first
giant creature's movements as well), I would need to add in a jumping collision sprite for the spiders (a sprite that triggers the jumping
behaviour of the spiders) as well as rope in a new creature into the game (tentatively, once I've gotten feedback from Mr Hilmy) to make
things more interesting.

The matter of making to invisible blocks reappear and become solid after each giant creature has been dealt with, along with the coding to the 4th puzzle obstacle possible, will also be looked into :biggrin

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