Back to posting updates despite minor setback

Hi everyone, I had been meaning to delay my updates over here until after I had made significant progress on my game, but due to my game
file having become unreadable yesterday and having to start over from last Saturday's file, I decided to start updating this thread each time I
work on the game, lest I lose track of what I've done so far :biggrin

Note: I'm working on this a lot more as I want to get it ready in time for the Level Up Conference taking place on 7 and 8 November 2017,
whereby I might get the chance to show off my game to all the visitors :):) :D

Anyhow, I've completed and tested the 3rd obstacle course (glitching button that opens the first door notwithstanding XD), and figured out
why exactly the doors were going in the wrong direction and or flipping to one side before going up.

It turns out that for objects with the Bullet behaviour, you have to click No for the 'Set angle' option, otherwise the sprite will flip to face the direction it's supposed to go towards and keep moving in that direction, thus displacing the boxes and spiders skittering about on the floor.

Which switch opens the door(s) ?


Particle Effects! :D


Other than that, the memory buttons for the 4th obstacle course were not changing frames fast enough, so I made some adjustments.

I had then switched to working on the 5th floor for a bit by adding in the Heal action for CM, which will help with getting past the 2 giant creatures you'll run into later on.

Also, I added Health bars for both giant creatures (I toyed around with the code only to have them overreact to one collision with CM's Heal action, before the file became unreadable DX), as well as a sprite (along with visual effects) that moves with one of the giant creatures (set to just above the tail of the creature) and will cause damage to CM upon collision.

I'm currently having an issue with making the invisible, non-solid steps become visible and solid (the visible part worked out fine, but not the enabling of the Solid behaviour).

Other than that, I've added the Piranhas back into the game, along with Bullet behaviours and sprites to help them switch directions from left to right (this is reflected in their animation frames as well, as opposed to them just moving back and forth while facing only one direction).

Buttons on the floor


I'll be seeking consultations with 2 game development lecturers to help me look through my game and pitch deck (a handy tool to keep track of your progress, both for yourself and the activity manager overseeing everyone's progress) and give advice on how to improve or overhaul the entire game; wish me luck :thumbsup

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