Some aspects to work on for the 3rd and 4th floors

Hi everyone, seeing as I'll busy in the coming week (& over the next few days), I had decided to continue working on the obstacle courses,
or at least some of the coding that would allow them to work as intended, such as:

- the pushing/pulling mechanic (note to self: Push,Pulling Masks have to be big enough for any interaction to take place :D);

- pressure plates (3rd floor)/buttons (4th floor) on the floor that decrease in size when blocks are overlapping them for both the 3rd
and 4th obstacle course

Also, the spiders kept stopping after touching the blocks, so after some tinkering and referring to screenshot notes as well as previous
versions of the game file, I got them to change directions when up against the solid blocks :)

Now the question is: will adding Instance Variables to each of the 4th corridor buttons help with enabling the solid walls to open, and how
does one enable the buttons on the wall to change colour (the second frame has the colour in question) and flash several times for a few
miliseconds/several times in one second before the next button is triggered?

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