One problem fixed, and 2 versions of the game to be made

Hi everyone, I managed to fix my problem with the door's animation once I watched the tutorial video from Redfoc :):)

I'll now be working on 2 versions of the game: one in which I set up and test the obstacle courses for the game, while the other will be used to
experiment with global variables for both ColourMapster's stamina bar and the switching of layouts from the First Area to the Main Area. At
the moment, I've been thinking of changing the first area to to better reflect the main gameplay for the main area of the game, which would be
traversing obstacle courses, rather than having CM explore the area to find items to open the door.

Also, at this point of time, switching from one layout to the next and setting the Stamina bar to global variables to facilitate the switching
might be neat, but at the moment, I'm classifying them as being in between the 'Good to Have' and 'Nice to Have' categories, as opposed to
the 'traversing puzzles/obstacle courses to obtain the tomes' segment (which is in the 'Must Have' category).

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