Mistakes made, and problems to deliberate

Mr Bazil wasn't free to have the Feedback session today, but he did manage to get MDEC to sponsor all of us to attend the LEVEL UP KL event
happening between the 4th to 8th November, so that's a treat :):)

...Well, it seems that I either didn't code in the new doors properly, or I have made some mistake with the sprites in general. It's a bit of a
bummer because I need the door to work properly the first time around, as otherwise it'll weigh on my mind until it's done :(:(

Other than that, testing for the first puzzle/obstacle course was carried out and works according to plan, but until I can get the game to
load the next layout once CM gets to the door at the end the first layout, I'll be stuck experimenting with the other puzzles within the
fist layout. I can't afford to get stuck working on this aspect while neglecting the others; there's no point getting hung up about a particular problem, as we can just get back to it once we've solved all the other problems :) :) :thumbsup

Shaking boulder


Falling boulder


Poor spider that got pinned down by the boulder :(:(


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