Changes to be made to some aspects of the game

Hi all, I thought I would update you guys on what's been happening :):)

We've had 3 talks on Monday: the first was about how the Gameka company was brought to life and some of the obstacles they had to overcome before they started becoming successful, a talk on Player Experience in terms of Game Design, and the last one focussing on making concept art, using the least amount of time, for the other members of your team to work with for your projects. The second talk involved the dissection of the games being made by several teams/individuals by Shern Chong, a lecturer from KDU who specialises in Game Design.

When it was my turn to explain what my game was about and receive feedback from Shern Chong based on the Project Pitch document shared with him by our Activity Manager (Bazil Akmal), he pointed out that the potential of the Tomes of Virtue concept were being held back by the coloured doors concept, in which previously the idea was to have the Tomes unlock the doors.

Mr Shern then encouraged me to set up obstacles that would teach the player, namely ColourMapster, to overcome obstacles related to each
Tome, which was what I had in mind from the start, and set them up in such a way that obtaining each Tome would represent a significant
milestone in the game.

I was relieved to not need to put in all those doors, given that it took me a while to piece together several Construct 2 articles/tutorials how
to actually make them work as I wanted them to :D

However, that would mean having to redesign the level layout, which is both a boon and a bane, in time for tomorrow's presentation of our
progress, which was in part impeded by my needing to send my laptops for servicing and other chores around the house, not to mention my getting distracted by this and that D:

The good news is that I've been copying all my prior notes from notebooks in my room into one big book for keeping track of my thoughts
and ideas, while the bad news is that I have less than a day to hammer the main area of the game out in time for tomorrow's presentation, and I have made scant progress on synthesising my notes into an updated version DX

In the meantime, it's time to start making a coherent diagram on paper first, then making a rough sketch in Construct 2 and share it with Mr
Bazil. I'll update you guys on what happens next :):)

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