Targets to reach for the next 12 weeks

Hmm, it has occurred to me that in all the brouhaha of setting up this thread, I had forgotten to display the targets I'm supposed to reach for
the next 10 or so weeks XD . Worry not, for I have come prepared (along with some commentary):

Week 1 (2 weeks ago; Pre-production)

Decide on the type of genre we'll be focussing on, decide whether to work alone or in a group, prepare a schedule for our project (such as
the one below), as well as register a company under our name or a trade name, whether in a sole proprietorship or a partnership (essential for
assisting our internship employers in transferring the IP of the final product back to us)

Solo effort

Creating a Puzzle-adventure/Metroidvania game using Construct 2

Watch YouTube, Udemy videos and analyse purchase/free game (.capx) files to learn how to add in desired features, attributes

Week 2 (last week; Pre-production)

Researching videos to help improve movement coding for all the creatures, finding suitable tiles to represent the cavern, doors and

Adding in how many more unique creatures? - yet to be determined

New Movement code for spider – not added in and tested yet

How to add in Line of Sight that works separately for each Spiky creature – not experimented with yet

Tiles for doors – not found yet

Initial coding for one door – testing

Sprite(s) for tomes - found

-- Completed the registration for a company under my name :):)

-- Filled up the Week 2 to 10 slides with my project's schedule :):)

Week 3 (this week; Pre-production)

Researching coding for tomes to unlock specific doors (without all related doors opening at once)

Using Functions for the doors – uncertain whether (Nice to Have) or a must

-- Still experimenting, researching on how best to code the doors to not
all open at once after obtaining the specific tome, whether by using
Instance Variables,

-- Spider is moving around as expected, with the jumping needing to be
fixed (will most likely revert to using special collision boxes for
triggering the Platform: Jump behaviour

-- Line-of-sight is, again, not working for the spiky creature as has happened before :(:(

-- Found my initial cave rooms design, and made a few edits on the locations of the tomes

Week 4 (Pre-production)

Prepare rough sketch of overall level design, add in the tiles and collision boxes

Uncertain as to whether to work on the above first, or tackle coding for
‘Must Have’ mechanics (switch around with Weeks 2 and 3?)

Week 5 (Production)

Adding in puzzles and bigger creatures to heal

Puzzles (Must Have)

Bigger Creatures (Nice to Have) (edit: there is likely to only be 1-2 bigger creatures in the game)

Week 6 (Production)

Search for suitable sound effects and background music for the game, then add them in

(Nice to Have, and will probably be rushed; hopefully not :):) )

Week 7 (Production)

Hire an artist to prepare the narration frames for the beginning and end of the game

(Nice to Have, and most likely unrealistic)

Week 8 (Production)

Adding in more animation frames for CM, such as for movement, injuries,
jumping, falling, idle animation (or hire artist to do this for us)

(Nice to Have, and probably a little too late by this point)

Week 9 (Production)

Start sharing the game with friends and willing playtesters for feedback and fine-tuning

Week 10 (Post-Production)

Putting the game up on GameJolt, and or Steam

Week 11 (Post-Production)


Week 12 (Publishing)


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