Title and description of game, along with people to credit

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about a game I’m working on called ColourMapster: Quest for the 5 Tomes :)

Here is a short description: it's a puzzle-adventure game about helping ColourMapster find 5 books scattered throughout a cavern in order to get to the exit, and here is a video recording of the overall gameplay up on Facebook as part of the GameDev Hangout held on Friday evening 25th of August 2017 (I'm the second person being interviewed :):) ):

(Note: You'll need to toggle the Sound as it has been set to mute from the start; also, the game will look very different than this initial video)


Here's what you can expect while playing the game:

- puzzles/scenarios/obstacles to get through to progress and find the 5 tomes, plus all the necessary backtracking ;);)

- creatures, big and small, to heal or avoid

My progress made in the game so far:

- Basic ColourMapster sprite made for the game


- License-free creature sprites (spider, spiky creature, fly, piranha) from OpenGameArt.org

- Level for the first area

- A locked door for which the keys to unlock it are scattered throughout the level

More stuff to add in

- More creatures (bats, crabs, lobsters, blind fish, centipedes etc)

- Coding for the doors so that they don't all open at the same time XD

What am I up to these days?

I had recently joined a 3-month internship programme called the LEVEL UP Apprentice Programme about 2 weeks ago, and I had decided to share my progress on the game with everyone on the Sunstone Forums, especially those who have been very helpful and supportive of my efforts :):)

People whose work, videos and advice I am thankful for

Credits list for those whose assets I’m using, the sites from which I
obtained them, and YouTube/Udemy users whose videos I’m learning from :thumbsup

- Wewewezing-
-emphasised the importance of planning and drawing out a level’s design
on paper first before drawing it within Construct 2 (Sunstone Forums)

- Buch- -background tiles for level design (OpenGameArt.org)


- Bevouliin.com- -spiky creature and spike sprites (OpenGameArt.org)


- Surt- -multiple creature sprites (OpenGameArt.org)


- Redshrike- -spider sprite (OpenGameArt.org)


- Redfoc- -coding for unlocking doors, and platformer sprites (control buttons, doors etc) from the door tutorial (YouTube)

- Kawaerri- -Construct 2 videos that were simple and to the point (YouTube)

- Jeremy Alexander- -basic code for Player controls, stamina bar, Udemy tutorials (Udemy)

- GameDev- -Construct 2 code and assets for water effect tutorial (YouTube)

- KDU University College- -idea for editing the Stamina Bar so that it looks better than the initial design

- Joe Williamson- -tome sprites used in the game (OpenGameArt.org)


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