You have been tasked with investigating the ruins of a recently discovered temple. However, there are dangerous fire sprites guarding these ruins, so use your trusty Hydro-Tank to defend yourself and uncover the secrets of this mysterious temple.

Move around using all 4 arrow keys, fire water bullets using the X or WASD buttons

The assets and engine I've used
This game was made using Construct 2 as a submission for the Fig Game Jam organised by GameDev Network.

Sound effects and music have been sourced from, FantasyMusica and

Background music, sound assets

1) Click on the bottom right corner of the game screen to maximise the view.

2) Press Enter, Space, or click on the Start button to start the game.

Note 1: You can't strafe while firing, so I have added in additional controls for the tank's weapon. You could also try running away from the fire sprites, quickly tap an arrow button in their direction, fire a bullet or two, then rinse and repeat.

Note 2: Keep an eye on your surroundings, and experiment :)

Note 3: If you find that you've defeated all the fire sprites but are still unable to free the blue sprite, then you'll need to refresh the browser page and try again.

Development log


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Hm, I can't seem to get at the blue thing trapped in the green box, and even though I've killed all the red fire baddies, I can't pass theough the pink barrier. Also, this game is taking a crazy amount of resources in my browser, I had to relaunch the first time because it seized up.

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Yes, I've been having the same issue with putting up web browser-playable games  for some reason, and even little changes such as a reduced amount of time for the Main Menu to transition to the game itself only makes a small dent in the loading times :/

Ah, that would be because you haven't found all the secrets yet (although the text doesn't come out whenever you've found each of them); the answer lies within your surroundings, and experimenting :)