Lots of updates in one package :)

Hello everyone, after taking into account feedback from the 2 players who tested the game, I have now uploaded an improved version of the original game, one that has fixes not present during the game jam submission.

The changes made to the game include:
- You can now use WASD to fire bullets in 4 directions, though it'll look ridiculous when you're firing them in one direction while you're moving in the opposite direction;
- The fire sprites no longer get stuck within the walls of the temple;
- The text for each message you find is now displayed properly;
- Most of the text displayed has been modified to fit properly in terms of the story;
- The player's tank has changed it's colours, as well as that of its bullets;
- You can only obtain the parchments once you've freed the blue fire sprite;
- The blue sprite helps you recover health once you've given it all the secret parchments you'd found; and
- The boss now fires more bullets at you once his health has dwindled to half.

Enjoy! :)


44New project.zip 698 kB
Mar 07, 2018

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