Artwork for the game, and the decisions made on how to use them

Artwork made for the game
Player tank ('Secrets of the Fire Temple') by Hobcramwork
Hello everyone, this is the design for the main character (the Hydro-Tank) of the 'Secrets of the Fire Temple' game which I had submitted on Monday morning, 5th of March for the Fig online game jam recently held here on :)

Player's bullet by Hobcramwork

This is the projectile launched by the player's tank throughout the game (minus the light green colouring); it's a water bullet used to put out aggressive fire sprites :)

Temple wall by Hobcramwork
This is the wall tile that I made and duplicated throughout the game level in order to adorn the solid walls of the Fire Temple :)

Incomplete Fire Sprite by Hobcramwork

This is one of several fire sprites that will attack the player once they are within a certain area; they'll keep chasing you until you run away far enough, or douse them in water bullets :)

I call them 'Incomplete' because the yellow/orange flame is of a lower intensity of burning as compared to a blue flame that is feeding directly on oxygen molecules :D

Blue Fire Sprite by Hobcramwork

This creature, although it is composed mainly of a stronger 'blue' flame as compared to the other fire sprites, had been weakened and imprisoned by them, and needs to be rescued in order to help you open the boss door, and fully restores your health after you've found all the secret parchments :p

Cracked walls by Hobcramwork

In order to obtain the parchments hidden throughout the temple, you'll need to look for these walls and blast them until they reveal their secret stash :)

Hidden parchments by Hobcramwork

You'll need to collect all of these parchments and bring them back to the blue fire sprite in order to open the boss door (after you've freed said sprite, of course) :p

Giant Fire Tank by Hobcramwork

This is the boss that you'll be fighting in order to complete the game. Be careful though, as his bullets will take away more health from you compared to the fire sprites from before, and he fires more bullets, big and small, once you reduce his health to about half :o

Tank boss bullet by Hobcramwork
These bullets will be launched at you by the fire tank, and pack quite a punch! :o

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