Controls update coming up later today :)

Hello everyone, I didn't take into account the difference between me and the people trying out my game, in terms of the controls and finding secrets in the game, so I'll explain a little bit of what the controls are like currently and will later update the game to have more beginner-friendly controls.

It took me some time to learn how to get this tank game going since it's my first, hence you currently can't strafe while shooting, which I should have specified in the game's web page before releasing it; there's also a lot of lag when it comes to progressing from the Main Menu to the gameplay itself, so that will likely lead me to put up downloadable versions of the game, though that itself takes up quite a bit of time (& patience) to do.

The fire sprites will follow you up to a certain point before returning to their resting points, so if you need a breather, just run away and try again when you're ready. While I work on the additional controls for the tank's weapon (in similar fashion to Monsterbat's Spiderbite), I recommend adopting a hit-and-run style, as you'll be needing it in the final room. This is how I am currently playing the game: first, you run from the enemy, and when you're far enough, quickly tap the arrow button (if you're running to your right, tap the left arrow and so on) to face your opponent, fire a bullet, then rinse and repeat.

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