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Metallen rough pixel art by Hobcramwork

Hello guys, what you see here was the rough pixel art I had done for my 'Mini Metal Ball & Chain' game that I had submitted for the 'My First Game Jam: Winter 2017' game jam, here on

As you can see, starting from the bottom right corner in clockwise fashion, it took me a few tries to settle on the final design for my main character Metallen (the ones on the bottom left corner), while his main weapon (the ball and chain) took much less tries to get it right (just below the top left corner).

I had decided to do away with the arms as I was taking too long to get it down pat, and I was in a rush to prepare the game for submission. The leg movements, however, were simplified (from the middle of the picture) to their final forms at the bottom left of the screen.

Metallen final look by Hobcramwork
This is Metallen's final look and colour scheme as per the game over here on Itch.i :)

Metallen's weapon fully extended by Hobcramwork
This is Metallen's weapon: the standard ball & chain, useful for knocking the daylights out of aggressive creatures, but quite heavy to wield :) :o

Ziggs rough pixel drawings by Hobcramwork
Hi, these are the rough pixel drawings I had made of the enemies (& their projectile) Metallen has to defeat in order to protect an island and it's inhabitants, with only the first two being animated in the game (the ones with the furrowed brows) :)

Ziggs frame 1 by Hobcramwork

This is the grumpy Zigg's frame 1 of the Idle animation, until Metallen steps too close to it :)

Ziggs frame 2 by Hobcramwork
The Zigg's second animation frame, which shows it opening it's mouth to spew a projectile towards Metallen :o

Ziggs bullet by Hobcramwork
This is the rock projectile that the Ziggs spew towards Metallen when he is within a certain boundary on either side of the Ziggs :o

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