How this game got made despite the length of the game jam :p

When I first came across this particular game jam ('My First Game Jam: Winter 2018'), I was amazed by the generous time limit; however, as I had been busy throughout the period of the game jam, due to important and non-important matters, I only had time to sit down and work on it for 2 days.

The idea behind this game was to introduce the Mamemon-like character called Metallen, a robot with few words, armed with a smiling ball and chain. Much as I had wanted to incorporate areas in which you can swing about on the ball and chain ala Spider-Man, I knew it would not be possible in this time frame, so I set about making a regular platformer with only 1 enemy and a bird, flying back and forth, that gets angry and speeds up when you hit it.

However, as I had wanted the character to look exactly as I had pictured, I spent most of my time making the pixel art for the main character and the enemy sprite (the bird got left out as there was only so much time for me to concentrate, and the enemy sprite was much easier to draw XD), before deciding to stop focussing on the details and just moved onto the programming aspect (the irony was that the enemy took a lot of time to code in order for the animations and bullets to work properly :p) the following day, right up to the wee hours of the morning.

I'll be sharing the artwork I had made for both the player and enemy sprite in the next post, and explain the steps I took for deciding how to draw out the characters, and why I prefer drawing them out by hand before scanning them and touching up on the details for future projects.

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