Artwork used in the game, and the decisions made on how to use them

Artwork made for the game

hurr rough pixel art by Hobcramwork
What you see above are the various parts that I drew and put together in order prepare hurr's animation frames  (Idle, Attack etc) :)

hurr frame 1 by Hobcramwork

This is his first frame for both the Idle and Walk animations, as he simply floats up and down due to the propulsion effect that keeps him in the air :)

hurr punch by Hobcramwork

This is hurr's attack animation frame, which unfortunately plays out in fast motion and quickly reverts back to the Idle animation, despite a lot of effort on my part :(

Roller, Jumper rough pixel art by Hobcramwork

What you see here are the creatures that hurr has to fight in order to repair the telecommunication towers in the game, such as the Roller (final look in the top right corner), and the Jumper (walking frames in the middle, landing frame near the bottom left corner of the picture, and jumping frame near the bottom right corner of the picture) :o

The Roller currently rolls from left to right, although it's bounding box has yet to be changed to a proper circle, leading to a comical rolling sequence :p

Despite several attempts to get the landing and jumping frames to work properly, the landing frame didn't animate properly, while I got the jumping frame to work, but at the expense of falling down through the jump-through floors of the towers, so that frame had to be removed :(

Rough pixel art of the telecommunication tower by Hobcramwork

It took me a while to get the rough shape of the radio tower right (in it's basic form anyhow), while the satellite dishes that you would normally find decorating such towers themselves took a much longer amount of time to complete (top left corner of the picture), after which I just duplicated and pasted them all over the tower :p

Clock by Hobcramwork

This is the symbol I drew that I felt best represented the concept of time, in the form of a wall clock and/or a stopwatch, since the hurr mini game has a time limit :p

Big One by Hobcramwork

This is the giant creature hurr encounters after knocking out all the angry creatures on the telecommunication towers. The idea was that instead of fighting a boss creature, you would end up just listening to it's woes, despite it's fearsome look :o

This is the second frame in it's Idle animation, but I couldn't get the animation to work properly, so this is the frame I stuck with :/

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