How I completed this game before submission, and how I continued to update it until a few days ago

I had originally planned to make this game during the recent Global Game Jam, only to be told that only groupwork is allowed, so this was pushed to the side. Anyhow, when this particular game jam came around (Games Plus Jam 2018; I hear another one is coming around the corner soon), with it's flexibility with regards to the engine and assets we can use, I decided to use this concept with the Time aspect woven into it's fabric (completing the main task within a time limit), hence the 'Race against Time' title.

While the main character (hurr) normally casts energy balls and flings them at his foes and can summon small bat-like clones of itself after laughing deeply 3 times as per his bio here, I decided that such powers would be demonstrated properly in a future game, especially since I didn't have much time to work on the coding. As compared to the previous 'My First Game Jam: Winter 2018', I had allocated more time to myself (or so I had believed) to focus on the art, coding and touching up. I spent most of a day to draw out the main character and the enemy sprites, including their animations, then moved on to setting up the main menu, dialogue and ending screen, alongside the coding on the second day, before frantically rushing to submit it on time (despite the enemy sprites remaining motionless by the time I was done).

Once the submission process had been completed, I set about fixing minor bugs that had cropped up (text moving too fast, player being able to move and start accomplishing the main task before the beginning text had completed it's run, menu screen transitioning to the game level too slowly) and gave it a break.

A few days later, I set about changing the code so that you can see the main character's attack animation (worked on it for as much as I could, and it still animated rather quickly DX), the persistent text box near the end finally disappearing, and making the enemies finally move around as intended.

I'll be posting up the artwork and explaining how I chose to put them together in the final product within the next few days.

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